About Us

Who we are

On paper, we are a full-service law practise offering legal services to corporations, organisations, government agencies, families, and individuals throughout their lives and careers. However, we provide much more than that. At the centre of what we do are expertise, commerciality, and connections.

We employ almost 900 employees, all of whom are specialists in their fields, including attorneys and business support staff. However, what motivates us and why should you cooperate with us?

Our aim is straightforward, and our ambitions are limitless: we want to help our employees and clients reach their full potential by inspiring confidence, growth, and progress. We give innovative ideas and counsel to assist you in achieving your commercial and personal objectives.

What is critical to us is that we develop long-term connections with our customers, advocating for them and giving the finest business and personal advise available.

We aim to be consultants that assist you in moving forward, pursuing new initiatives, challenging the status quo, embracing the new abnormal, and capitalising on possibilities. Our website provides information about our services and specialty industries; you may learn about what we do and how we do it.

Our values are at the core of everything we do

Our goal is clear, and our aspirations are limitless — these two factors combine to shape the principles that define Shakespeare Martineau.


We are receptive and self-assured, while constantly appreciating various opinions.


By sharing expertise and collaborating as a team, we ensure that each client receives the finest service possible.


We do what is right, not what is convenient – honesty is vital to us.


We like experimenting with new ideas, pushing the limits, and bringing about positive change for the greater good.

Meet our leaders

Effective leadership requires a blend of sincerity, teamwork, enthusiasm, compassion, and a healthy dose of fearlessness. Mekong Citizen’s leadership team is united by a single purpose and shared values and works diligently to establish and execute the firm’s vision, strategy, and financial success.


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Chief Transformation Officer


Chief Financial Officer